Joe Enos - MIDI

These are the songs I’ve recorded in MIDI format over the years. I used to be the piano/keyboard player at a few local churches, and I put the first three in this list together during that time.

  • Here I Am Lord (Recorded August 3, 1997) MIDI | MP3
    • Based on sheet music from Hope Publishing Company, ID: A687
  • With Wings As Eagles (Recorded May 3, 1998) MIDI | MP3
    • Based on sheet music from Lillenas Publishing Company, ISBN: 083-419-0885
  • Still The Holiest Night (Recorded May 3, 1998) MIDI | MP3
    • Sheet music source currently not available.
  • Untitled Final Exam from ASU MIDI Class (MUP320) (Recorded December 15, 2000) MIDI | MP3
    • This is an original piece of music, written as the semester project and final exam for my MIDI performance class at Arizona State University.
  • The March of IDEs (Recorded March 13, 2011) MIDI | MP3
    • I wrote this in celebration of the Ides of March in 2011. It’s attached to a video that displays all of my incredible artistic talents and 3-D rendering skills.